Willow Creek Permaculture

Modern Homesteading and Holistic Parenting in Southwestern Ontario.

Farm from above

This video was captured at the time we purchased the farm in 2016.  The whole place has since gotten a bit wilder – the way we like it!

Farm Life

Willow Creek Farm Stats

50 Acres

Willow Creek Farm is located near Dutton, Ontario. The Read family has lived at this diverse property since August 2016.

The arable land is gradually being moved from annual cash crops to a base of permanent pasture and switchgrass.  The fields gradually being planted with rows of nut trees, fruit trees and various edible and medicinal shrubs below them using techniques from forest gardening and restoration agriculture. The creek valley and wooded areas are being left as wild as possible.  The edges of arable land meeting forest will be planted with a native species food forest that will be more lightly harvested by humans, leaving plenty for the ‘wild ones.’

Acres Arable Land
Acres Wild Creek Valley
Acres of Forest
Acres of Homestead

Willow Creek Farm Stewards

The Read Family

Rob Read

Writer, Grower & Harvester

Julie Walter

Educator, Blogger & ARTIST

Our Children


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