Elderberry (bundle of 25)

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Elderberry seedlings from Mark Shepard’s breeding program in Zone 4 Wisconsin.

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A classic! Native to Ontario, elderberries have a long history as a food and medicine, especially in the form of pies, and elderberry syrup, which supports the body through colds. The flowers also make a beautiful and healthful tea. They can also be used to make rustic spiles for tapping maple trees, since the stems are nearly hollow.

These are the wild variety, grown from seed. We also sell some special varieties that have been selected for larger or more abundant berries: York and Nova.

Also available as single trees.

Latin Name: Sambucus canadensis
Size at Maturity: 8′ (variable)
USDA Zone: Zone 4
Pollination Requirements: Higher production with at least two.
Size of Plant or Sale: Bareroot 12-18″





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