Hybrid Chestnut (bundle of 25)


Hybrid Chestnut seedlings from Mark Shepard’s breeding program in Zone 4 Wisconsin.

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Latin Name: Castanea spp. hybrids
Size at Maturity: 20′-25′
USDA Zone: Zone 4
Pollination Requirements: At least two are needed to produce nuts.
Size of Plant or Sale: Bareroot 12-18″

Mark Shepard’s outstanding book Restoration Agriculture has made his nut tree breeding program famous. We are the exclusive Ontario importer of Mark’s stock. Here’s the description from his website for Hybrid Chestnut:

Chestnuts are high carbohydrate and low oil.

Essentially, corn that grows on trees!

With genetic origins from Minnesota, Oregon and Ontario, these are the only chestnuts to produce reliably on the home farm in SW Wisconsin.  Our breeding goals within our own seed plots include high yields, large nuts, pest and disease resistance and suitability for low-input and certified organic conditions. Most nuts are NOT as large as Chinese chestnut. Some hybrids will be susceptible to chestnut blight depending on the expression of their American genetics.

These are ungraded seedlings in bunches of 25 at $10 per plant.




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