Korean Stone Pine (bundle of 25)

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Korean Stone Pine seedlings from Mark Shepard’s breeding program in Zone 4 Wisconsin.

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Latin Name: Pinus koraiensis
Size at Maturity: 60-70′ tall
USDA Zone: Zone 2
Pollination Requirements: Self-fertile.
Size of Plant or Sale: 6″ plugs

Mark Shepard’s outstanding book Restoration Agriculture has made his nut tree breeding program famous. We are the exclusive Ontario importer of Mark’s stock. Here’s the description from his website for Korean Stone Pine:

The only nut pines to survive our variety trials and begin producing cones are the Korean Stone Pine. Growth in the first few years is slow, but once established their growth rivals that of their near look-alike, Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus). Korean Pine has been our most difficult seed to grow and has been the most problematic to transplant. Many growers put a handful of pine forest soil in the planting hole in order to inoculate the roots with the appropriate mycorrhizal fungi. We find that excellent weed control and adequate water work wonders.

Excellent for a multi-purpose windbreak.

These are 6″ plugs in bunches of 25 at $5 per plant.




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