Serviceberry (bundle of 25)

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Serviceberry seedlings from Mark Shepard’s breeding program in Zone 4 Wisconsin.

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Latin Name: Amelanchier canadensis
Size at Maturity: 8′ – 12′ (variable)
USDA Zone: Zone 4
Pollination Requirements: Higher production with at least two.
Size of Plant or Sale: Bareroot 12-18″

Description from Mark Shepard’s website: A large, multi-stemmed shrub capable of reaching up to 20′ in height._ Native to eastern North America, this shrub produces gorgeous berries that taste of apple and and whose tiny seeds boast an subtle almond flavor. These are ungraded seedlings in bunches of 25 at $10 per plant.

Native to Ontario, serviceberries are also known as saskatoonberries. Very similar to blueberries in look, but growing on a taller shrub, with a slightly different taste: sweet, with a sort of almondy aftertaste. Much easier to grow on non-acidic soils than blueberries. Often seen as ornamental trees as well, as they are attractive, and have few pest problems.

These are ungraded seedlings in bunches of 25 for $10 per tree.




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