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Pick-up in late April or early May (confirmed once trees arrive)

Pick-up at Willow Creek Farm near Dutton, Ontario (20 minutes from south London) No shipping available​

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Bulk Nut Trees 
in bundles of 25

These are from Mark Shepard’s nursery in Wisconsin. They are super blight-resistant and cold hardy seedlings, among other things. I planted 1200 hazels this spring, and look forward to my first crops in 3-5 years.

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Hybrid Hazelnut (Controlled Cross, and Selected)
Hybrid Chestnut

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Rare and Unusual Fruits and Berries 

Grafted varieties of Pawpaw, Hardy Kiwi, or Seabuckthorns are still difficult to find. 

Pawpaw – Mango, NC-1
Gooseberry – Selby, Shefford
Seabuckthorn – Klim’s Prize, Amber Dawn, Male
Elderberry – Bob Gordon, York
Goumi – Sweet Scarlet, Red Gem
Hardy Kiwi – Michigan State, Male

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